Visit to the English Theatre in Frankfurt


The theatres are finally open again and it was Friday night on October 29th 2021, when the class Q3a went to the English Theatre in Frankfurt which is presenting “Girl On A Train“ based on the successful novel by Paula Hawkins, and the Dreamworks film adaptation.


At first glance the theatre seems like a hip location based in Frankfurt’s station district. Entering the theatre with masks, we are asked for our COVID-certificates. We found our seats quickly and started to take in the performance space: The sparse stage design is balanced out by big trusses built in the middle of the stage which gives the stage an industrial feel.


When the show begins, we are thrown into the middle of a scene:

Rachel Watson (Laura Matthews) wakes up in her apartment after another night of drunken escapades. She has a terrible hangover, a fresh wound on her head and she doesn’t remember where she got it. Her drunken slumber is disturbed by her ex-husband Tom (James Sheldon), who informs Rachel that one of his neighbors has gone missing, a young woman by the name of Megan (Rebecca Birch). She went missing the same night Rachel showed up at Tom’s house, drunk of course and supposedly confronted him and his new wife Anna (Caroline Moroney). Tom warns Rachel that the police are coming to interview her and asks her if she remembers anything from that night.


A cat and mouse play develops, with twists and turns around every corner until the audience doesn’t know what to think or to believe anymore. A modern but uneasy play about spying into other people’s lives, toxic relationships, abuse, intrigues and manipulation with surprising twists and turns perfectly underlined by the choice of music. The actors and actresses play their roles in a very convincing way. All of them seem to work with passion and authenticity which makes the whole story lively and fascinating


All in all, the play is a great experience for every thriller fan and everyone who loved the book and the film. There are not many props and there are no special effects except for the lighting but even so the cast manages to tell a thrilling story with some humorous elements.


We can recommend it for an enjoyable and “thrilling” evening.


M. Gränz, J. Irmscher, D. Schoofs